Ampersand Media

Ampersand Media is a boutique digital marketing and public relations consulting firm that leverages new media to help clients reach a broader range of consumers. Media is constantly evolving, and there will always be some new way of interacting with target audiences. It is critical for professionals to have a wide reach, but a focused message. We can help you refine and perfect your media presence. Ampersand Media is more than a simple advocate for your brand; we believe in and stand behind our clients and their work.

Focusing on artistic professionals, Ampersand Media offers tailored services and individualized support. We are willing to work with you to clean up what platforms you are already present on, and establish yourself on new media sites where you and your work will flourish. The amount of digital media intervention you need is up to you! With a personal attention to detail, we help artists cultivate, refine, and manage brand aesthetic and their creative voice.

Virtual consulting over e-mail or Skype cuts costs for clients and allows for easier, more immediate means of communication. No need to schedule an appointment to come into an office -- reach us wherever you have internet access and see an expedited response to solve your problem!
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